Talented Professional Services

"QualityPro has a superior recruitment engine with well-defined processes and tools for fulfilling IT talents, engineering, business process outsourcing, project management and skilled domain specialists. We work closely with our clients using a unique model called Right Sourcing to deliver best talents On-Demand. Whether placing a key IT skill set, network engineer, and technical service representative, QualityPro can provide your needs for human capital resources. We understand the technology and business issues within our client’s competitive space. By leveraging our industry knowledge, we can implement effective professional solutions that provide the “best fit” combinations of technology and domain expertise. We become valuable business partners for our clients."

Our Human Capital Talent Solutions offer the following services and delivery models:

  • Requirements-based Sourcing
  • End-to-End Turnkey Sourcing
  • Recruitment for Direct Placement
  • Build, Operate and/or Transfer
  • Dedicated 24×7 recruitment teams for each client account
  • Thorough preliminary screening by our technology experts.
  • One of the fastest turnaround times for talent in the marketplace.
  • Training Center of Excellence, training resources on any required or niche skills.
  • Commitment to attracting and retaining talent with excellent compensation, benefits and professional development.

Our services are sometimes utilized by other large staffing agencies to meet challenging resource requirements, which is a testament to our superior recruiting processes and ability to place high-quality staff. QualityPro has a database of over 2 million professionals across the U.S., and has placed more than 500 professionals to date. Our recruiting teams are working for our clients 24×7 and place talent across the United States.

Sourcing Right Talent- Our Unique Mode
“Sourcing Right Talent at Right Time/Location for the Right Price”.

Whether placing a key IT skill set, and customer service representatives, QualityPro can provide your staffing needs.

What is Sourcing Right Talent:

  • Designed for IT leaders in medium to large-sized organizations who face project demand variability.
  • Focused on process management as a means to decrease the uncertainty inherent in a variable demand environment.
  • Focused on just-in-time resource agility as a means to effectively manage project and resourcing uncertainty.

Why Right Sourcing

  • Project demand variability presents significant IT resourcing challenges and requires calculated asset management planning – from workers to equipment.
  • Many IT leaders have limited knowledge and experience with just-in-time resourcing as a solution to demand variability.
  • It is critical that IT has the right project resources available promptly after project and capital approval. A comprehensive strategy for just-in-time resourcing will speed up IT project completion and ensure organizational competitiveness.

Right-sized IT resource agility ensures quick response to unforeseen project demand at the lowest cost possible.